Mile High Pinball League - Winter 2005 (Season 1)


The inaugural winter session of the Mile High Pinball League has concluded.  Time flies when you're having fun!  Thank you to Donavan Stepp and Adam Lefkoff for organizing and running the league.  Thanks to Mateo for making the cool trophies and players for their participation in the 10 weeks of league play.  A good time was had by all!


Final Standings Before Playoffs...

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FINALS TOURNAMENT - Thursday, March 9, 2006

16 players toughed out a 10-week season that determined rankings in the finals tournament.

Format:  Single elimination.

             Best of three games for each round.

             Top seed had the choice of first and third games played; opponent chose the second game.


 "A" Division (top 8)

1st Place $175.00 + trophy Kevin Ryan

2nd Place $100.00 + trophy Ryan Sharp
3rd Place $50.00 + trophy Dave Mercer
4th Place Trophy Adam Lefkoff

 "B" Division (bottom 8)

1st Place $100.00 + trophy Bob Edgerton

2nd Place $50.00 + trophy Brian Wyza
3rd Place $25.00 + trophy Carole Carroll
4th Place Trophy Kevin Carroll




(B&w photos courtesy of Mateo Leyba)

All league players received 40 cents back for each point earned over the season.




Kevin Ryan

Translight -

Sharkey's Shootout


Dave Mercer

Keyfobs -

Simpsons Pinball Party

(Photos courtesy of Dave Mercer/For Amusement Only)



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