Mile High Pinball League - Summer 2008 (Season 5)


Final Standings Before Playoffs...

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FINALS TOURNAMENT - August 7, 2008

Head-to-head matches in a standard single elimination format.  A match will consist of the best 3 out of 5 games where the higher seeded player has the option of game choice or order in the first, third and fifth games; the lower seeded player gets game choice or order in the second and fourth games.


A player may choose a game only once during the entire tournament; however, they may play a game more than once if someone else picks it.


Any extra balls awarded are plunged and not played.


By average, the top 12 players will compete in "A" division and the remaining players in "B" division.


 "A" Division

1st Place $240.00 + trophy Donavan Stepp

2nd Place $120.00 + trophy Dave Mercer

3rd Place $60.00 + trophy Mike Cooley

4th Place Hardy handshake Tracy Scheuering

 "B" Division

1st Place $175.00 + trophy Victor Eifealdt

2nd Place $75.00 + trophy Steve Trujillo

3rd Place $35.00 + trophy Marco Anisimow

4th Place Hardy handshake Carole Carroll




 "A" Division.


Round 1:

Higgins defeated Denny 3-1 [Games played (in order picked): Attack from Mars (lost), Whitewater, Black Knight, Surfer]

Austin def. Zen 3-0 [Terminator 2, Terminator 2, El Dorado]

Tracy def. Mateo 3-2 [KISS, Indianapolis 500 (lost), Star Wars: Episode I (lost), Attack from Mars, Kismet]

Dave def. Bob 3-1 [South Park (lost), El Dorado, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight Zone]

Round 2:

Dave defeated Kevin M. 3-1 [Games played (in order picked): Star Trek Next Generation, Four Million BC, Banzai Run (lost), Black Hole]

Tracy def. Adam 3-1 [The Simpsons Pinball Party, Surfer, Star Trek Next Generation (lost), Creature from the Black Lagoon]

Donavan def. Austin 3-1 [Indianapolis 500, Theatre of Magic, Medieval Madness (lost), Pirates of the Caribbean]

Mike def. Higgins 3-2 [El Dorado (lost), The Simpsons Pinball Party (lost), Wizard, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pyramid]


Dave defeated Mike 3-2 [Games played (in order picked): Andromeda, Theatre of Magic, Kismet (lost), Spider-Man (lost), Kiss]

Donavan def. Tracy 3-0 [South Park, Four Million BC, Spider-Man]


Donavan (1st place) defeated Dave (2nd) 3-0 [Games played (in order picked): Family Guy, Wizard, The Simpsons Pinball Party]

Mike (3rd) def. Tracy (4th) 3-2 [Surfer (lost), Theatre of Magic, Terminator 2 (lost), Twilight Zone, Family Guy]


 "B" Division


Round 1:

Joe defeated Corinne 3-0 [Games played (in order picked): Kiss, Four Million BC, High Speed]

Victor def. Brad 3-1 [Creature from the Black Lagoon, Andromeda, Medieval Madness (lost), Attack from Mars]

Marco def. Sten 3-0 [Andromeda, Family Guy, Kiss]

Charlie def. Basil 3-2 [Black Knight, Black Hole, High Speed (lost), Star Trek Next Generation (lost), Banzai Run]

Round 2:

Carole defeated Charlie 3-0 [Games played (in order picked): Creature from the Black Lagoon, Grand Lizard, The Addams Family]

Marco def. Kevin C. 3-1 [Wizard (lost), Andromeda, Banzai Run, Family Guy]

Victor def. Tim 3-2 [Whitewater (lost), Pyramid, Theatre of Magic, El Dorado (lost), Spider-Man]

Steve def. Joe 3-1 [Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge from Mars, El Dorado (lost), Pinball Magic]


Steve defeated Carole 3-0 [Games played (in order picked): Cyclone, Revenge from Mars, Theatre of Magic]

Victor def. Marco 3-0 [Revenge from Mars, Andromeda, Theatre of Magic]


Victor (1st place) defeated Steve (2nd) 3-1 [Games played (in order picked): Kismet, Wizard (lost), Banzai Run, Kiss]

Marco (3rd) def. Carole (4th) 3-1 [Pyramid (lost), Star Wars: Episode I, El Dorado, Spider-Man]


Season Schedule...

Week 1 - May 8

> LCP monthly tourney - May 15

Week 2 - May 22

Week 3 - May 29

Week 4 - June 5

Week 5 - June 12

> LCP monthly tourney - June 19

Week 6 - June 26

Week 7 - July 3

Week 8 - July 10

> LCP monthly tourney - July 17

Week 9 - July 24

Week 10 - July 31

Playoffs - August 7



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