Mile High Pinball League - Winter 2011 (Season 13)

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Final Standings Before Playoffs...

Weekly Standings


FINALS TOURNAMENT - Thursday, March 8


 "A" Division

1st Place

$340.00 + trophy

Dean Grover

2nd Place

$170.00 + trophy

Adam Lefkoff

3rd Place

$80.00 + trophy

Mateo Leyba

4th Place

Hardy handshake (tm)

Donavan Stepp

 "B" Division

1st Place

$240.00 + trophy

Kevin Neale

2nd Place

$120.00 + trophy

Ben Day

3rd Place

$60.00 + trophy

Michael Morrison

4th Place

Hardy handshake (tm)

Basil LeBlanc


CONSOLATION TOURNAMENT - Highest combined scores on Hercules, Baby Pac-Man and Joust.

1st Place ($40) - Nick Zendejas (56 points)

2nd Place ($10) - Kevin Carroll (54 points)

3rd Place (Hardy handshake [tm]) - Dave Mercer (52 points)




 "A" Division.


Round 1:

Dean def. Masslich 3-0 [Twilight Zone, Andromeda, Monster Bash]

John C. def. Tim 3-1 [Strikes & Spares, KISS, Guns 'N Roses (T), Kismet]

Mateo def. Ryan 1-0 <Forfeit>

Kevin M. def. Kevin R. 3-0 [Theatre of Magic, The Simpson's Pinball Party, Twilight Zone]

Dave M. def. Jenn 3-2 [Creature from the Black Lagoon (J), Monster Bash, Evel Knievel, Twilight Zone (J), Indiana Jones]

Higgins def. Zen 3-2 [Indiana Jones (Z), Elvis (Z), Banzai Run, Guns 'N Roses, Attack from Mars]

Round 2:

Adam def. Higgins 3-2 [Theatre of Magic, KISS, Family Guy (H), Creature from the Black Lagoon (H), Spider-Man]

Donavan def. Dave M. 3-1 [Family Guy, Eldorado (D), Lord of the Rings, Capt. Fantastic]

Dean def. Kevin M. 3-2 [Family Guy, Banzai Run (K), Attack from Mars, Comet (K), Spider-Man]

Mateo def. John C. 3-0 [Theatre of Magic, Andromeda, Monster Bash]

Round 3:

Adam def. Mateo 3-0 [Banzai Run, Spider-Man, KISS]

Dean def. Donavan 3-1 [Indiana Jones, Strikes & Spares (D), Scared Stiff, The Addams Family]

Round 4:

Dean def. Adam 3-1 [The Simpson's Pinball Party, Kismet, Elvis (A), The Rolling Stones]

Mateo def. Donavan 3-1 [Medieval Madness, ?, Spider-Man (D), ?]


 "B" Division.


Round 1:

Brad def. Carole 1-0 <Forfeit>

Jake def. Steve 3-2 [Eldorado (S), Radical! (S), Comet, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lord of the Rings]

Ben def. Joe 3-1 [KISS (J), Twilight Zone, Capt. Fantastic, Family Guy]

Michael def. John M. 3-1 [KISS (J), ?, Capt. Fantastic, Radical!]

Dave C. def. Max 3-0 [Dolly, Twilight Zone, Tommy]

Basil def. Smith 1-0 <Forfeit>

Round 2:

Basil def. Kevin C. 3-1 [Dolly, Andromeda, Banzai Run (K), Creature from the Black Lagoon]

Kevin N. def. Dave C. 3-0 [Banzai Run, Spider-Man, Wizard]

Michael def. Brad 3-0 [Attack from Mars, Tommy, Scared Stiff]

Ben def. Jake 3-0 [The Rolling Stones, Strikes & Spares, Scared Stiff]

Round 3:

Kevin N. def. Michael 3-2 [KISS, Theatre of Magic (M), Evel Knievel, Elvis (M), Medieval Madness]

Ben def. Basil 3-0 [Evel Knievel, Family Guy, Wizard]

Round 4:

Kevin N. def. Ben 3-1 [The Simpson's Pinball Party, The Rolling Stones (B), Scared Stiff, The Addams Family]

Michael def. Basil 3-2 [Eldorado (B), The Addams Family (B), Scared Stiff, Monster Bash, KISS]


Winter Season Schedule...

November 3 - Week 1

November 10 - Week 2

>> November 17 - No league (LCP monthly tourney)

>> November 24 - No league (Thanksgiving)

December 1 - Week 3

December 8 - Week 4

>> December 15 - No league (LCP monthly tourney)

>> December 22 - No league (Christmas -ish)

>> December 29 - No league (New Years -ish)

January 5 - Week 5

January 12 - Week 6

>> January 19 - No league (LCP monthly tourney)

January 26 - Week 7

>> February 2 - No league (snow)

February 9 - Week 8

>> February 16 - No league (LCP monthly tourney)

February 23 - Week 9

March 1 - Week 10


Finals Tournament - March 8



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